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Ever feel like being a vet is a bit of a solo mission?

It's easy to feel alone, especially when we're stuck with those head-scratching cases.

Sure, you'd love to refer some of those cases to specialists – but that’s not always an option. Owner finances, geography, and specialists' packed schedules can all point to you as the go-to for care. 

That can be pretty overwhelming!

Now, imagine if you had a group of specialist friends you could lean on for advice when things get tough.

Picture this: 50+ specialists who've got your back.

How much more confident would you feel? How exciting would it be to turn those challenging cases from dreaded hurdles into opportunities for learning and growth?

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That's what's waiting for you in VetHive.  

Welcome to your new clinical support and learning network – where collaboration, confidence, and camaraderie thrive.

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Your go-to crew for a good dose of confidence when you need it most.

VetHive isn't just any community – we've got 50+ specialists (called the Guides) and over 1,000 vets who are kind, practical, and downright passionate about helping.

You’ll never find ivory-tower judginess in this community.

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The VetHive Pillars

🐝 We fiercely protect a culture of support

🐝 We reject the ivory tower mentality

🐝 We are our authentic selves

🐝 We see veterinary medicine as a team-sport

The VetHive Experience

Bounce cases off specialists and peers as well as learn through easy-to-digest content that helps you practice a spectrum of care.

Case Support 

Access 20 specialty groups and get case help (usually within hours) from 50+ specialist Guides. Learn from robust convos on other's cases. Gain experience by engaging in the busiest area of VetHive!

Practical Content

Articles and posts written by our specialist Guides which give you tips, tricks, and wisdom that you can actually use in practice.

Interactive Learning

Our RACE-approved lessons are designed to give you actionable, practical knowledge. Say goodbye to drab webinars and hello to experiential learning with friends. 

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  • Live, RACE-approved learning sessions (3-6 hours per month)
  • A library of past learning sessions
  • Weekly, practical articles written by the Guides
  • Clinical support groups where you can:
    • Post unlimited number of cases for help from the specialist Guides and peers
    • Learn from other posted cases and access the whole archive of past cases
    • Access case challenge posts written by the Guides

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