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Our Why  

VetHive is reimagining the way we connect and learn. Read more about our “why” here.

There's Power in the People

There are two ways to learn and grow: 

  1. From our experiences
  2. From others

It's easy to assume one day, we'll have all the experience we need to feel confident in practice. We just have to push through to get to that point. One day we'll have seen it all.

But here's the truth: 

That never happens.

There will always be more to learn. 

That can feel intimidating. Scary even. 

But it actually can be exciting when you have that second key to learning and growth:

Other people. 

When the hive mind comes together, it creates a massive, powerful source of support and knowledge that is unlike anything you can find in a textbook. 

And that's our why.

We connect general practitioners with specialists in a shame-free, enthusiastic environment so that they can learn, grow, and practice with confidence.

What We Stand For

The VetHive Pillars:


  • We fiercely protect a culture of support. Being kind is cool, so that’s how we roll. We talk to each other like friends and empathize with each other’s circumstances.
  • We reject the ivory tower mentality. Referral isn’t always an option (or necessary!). We empower each other to practice a spectrum of care. Practical problem-solving is the name of our game. We’re here to help you practice the best in-house medicine possible.
  • We are our authentic selves. The vulnerability and messiness of our real selves is welcome here. You don’t have to know all the things. None of us do, and that’s why we’re here.
  • We see veterinary medicine as a team sport. No matter where you are in your career, there is always more to learn. Having access to knowledge and experiences that are different from your own is extremely powerful. Here, we share freely with each other for the greater purpose of helping animals– and we have fun while doing it!

The Hearts Behind the Scenes 

It takes a village to make a vision come true. Here are just a few of the "back-end" team that are giving it their all to bring ours to life. 

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